Mechanic’s Lien and Construction Law

Mechanic’s Lien and Construction legal practice is a specialized sub-set of civil litigation that requires specific knowledge of the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act and experience to properly litigate construction and mechanics lien actions, as well as preparing and recording mechanic liens for contractors and others protected by the Mechanics Lien Act’s provisions.

Experience counts.   Gary S. Weiss has been a co-owner of a general contracting company and carpentry sub-contracting company.  Consequently, we provide legal services to our clients combined with knowledge that can only be obtained by working in the construction industry.  This firm’s practical experience is both unique and invaluable to the practice of construction and lien law.  Unlike many other law firms, we know our way around construction sites, blue prints, and nearly all aspects of how the construction industry operates, allowing this firm to provide exceptional legal services to those in need of construction legal services as only those attorneys who have operated a construction business can.